Childhood memories

l was born small very small and my mum used to tell me that people would come and check on me and l was always wrapped up in a lot of blankets.

Then l grew up a little bit and started kindergarden.l hated that place with all my life even thinking about it now l still hate it.They was this little girl who made kindergarden worse for me everyday she would pinch me for some reason l didn’t even know/knew about.l didn’t have a uniform so l would go to school wearing clothes from home and l used to wear this short trousers my sister(the 3rd one) had made for me and a white t-shirt and some nice shoes.

Pre-school life was something else because l changed bestfriends like socks everytime when the teacher marked my book l think she would just laugh cause if she turned the other page l would have written that my bestfriend is someone else.

We were divided into groups and we would follow this girl like she was our leader and she bossed us all.We would go and play at her(the boss)house but she just wouldn’t let anyone play with her barbie doll so instead we would race for it.Like as if that wasn’t enough humiliation when l won the race she got upset and she ordered a re-run and this time she cheated us all by putting herself first and guess what happened next she won(like a true boss)and l got this ugly doll to play with just because she couldn’t let me win the barbie doll.

As time went on we split the group and then we became friends-enemies.Pre-school ended quickly for me but l don’t think l still had friends we were all just classmates.

It’s all about family

Like l said before we are 6 children in my family.
The first child is a guy and the second and third are both girls and the fourth is a guy and the fifth and sixth are both girls.

I can’t say that l have proof but sometimes l think we gossip about eachother a lot and it causes confusion cause we end up telling eachother half stories.l love my brothers and sisters but l think the more we try to get involved in eachothers lives the more we drift apart cause we end up getting on eachothers nerves.

It doesn’t mean we are not a family it means we function very well when we don’t put our nose in eachothers business.l love my mum and my sister(the 5th one)the most l think its because l depend on them too much.

My brother is the best(4th one)l do talk and laugh with him some of the times and the more l talk with him the more l realise how much we have missed out on eachothers lives cause we grew up distant and not talking but nowadaes l always manage to send him some whatsapp jokes but soon he is going to leave and lm afraid it will be forever.

My sisters do fight a lot and sometimes l worry cause words do hurt and you might not be able to undo what you say but nomatter what we say to eachother one thing l never forget is that we are a family and we should never ever carry grudges or hate or negative thoughts for eachother in our hearts.

They is also my first brother l think if l say l really know him well l would be lying cause we don’t and we never did spent that much time with eachother.l would love to know how it feels to be your brother’s keeper.l do know that he talks with my other 3 sister’s and brother a lot but with me the situation is different cause l think l shut him out before he could and now we do try talking and chatting on whatsapp but it doesn’t go that far.One thing lm certain about is that l would like to know him better and start from their.

Whilst writing all this people might think that l don’t have a father cause lm always writing about my mum , sister’s and brothers but the truth is l do have a dad and he is still married to my mum.l would like to believe that my dad is a great man/dad and a wonderful husband because he is my dad.l don’t spend too much time with him but from what l can still remember whilst growing up he used to tell us jokes and funny stories and we(me and my sister the 5th one)used to laugh our lungs out and his magic tricks l don’t know how he did it , l even tried to copy it but l couldn’t it was just awsome.He would come back from work with a plasticbag filled with delicious goodies/treats and those big red mangoes.Lastly l can never forget how he used to kiss me and my sister goodmorning on the side cheek.Thinking about it now it makes me wonder was it all just a dream cause if it was l would have liked to stay there forever.


I grew up in a family of 6 children and some of my childhood memories have faded l cant clearly remember them but l know and still remember that my mum loved me and she still does.l remember whenever l got sick she would put me on her lap and we would pray together.

l can still remember how life was free for me l was so happy l can’t believe l was once a happy child my mum bought me , my2 brothers and 3sisters everything we wanted.l remember she would bring pies and sweet treats whenever she came back from work l guess back then we were unappriciative(we still might be😭)we , even l did not notice what she was and is still doing for us.l can smell my childhood and the scent l still remember is filled with happiness , sadness(not too much😉) , laughter and memories.

l try to remember cause if l don’t lm afraid it will all fadeaway and l won’t be able to remember anything.